Saturday, January 28, 2012

iPad stand for the artist

 Sennelier Watercolours in John Pike Palette

A while back Sennelier gave me some of their beautiful art supplies for helping out with some colour tests.  The generous sized tubes of watercolours were perfect for filling my new John Pike palette.  Now I'm all set to paint some BIGGER pictures.

I like to be able to supplement my sketches with reference photos on my iPad 2 but it's been awkward to prop up so I can see the image while I'm painting.  Problem solved!  Today I bought a little wooden plate stand.  

For 1.5 euros, that's less than $2, I have the perfect iPad stand.

Portrait format

 Landscape format

Now I'm ready to paint.  But actually I'd better go and do the ironing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still life with Robin

Robin on Toast - 24 x 30cms oil on panel

Impossible to photograph this at the moment and it's a little large for the scanner so the scan is a little soft.  But I haven't posted any work for ages.

The robins are constantly in our garden this winter so a lot of time evaporates as I sit at the bedroom window with binoculars.  To date I've had no luck inviting them inside to share my toast!
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