Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pen & Wash Sketches

Fishermen's cottages beneath the headland at Patonga. I had a little surprise when I started to add water to my pen sketch prior to painting with watercolor. Non waterproof ink.

It's been a slow start to this sketching holiday. But it's a start.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Colour Greed

Is it just a weakness or a disease when one keeps adding more colours to a travel palette?  Maybe it's insecurity: what if I need my manganese blue?  It could be a case of conspicuous consumption: Darling, these aren't even all my watercolours.

Dorchester Palette crammed with 34 colours

I've done this before and it's getting worse.  I'm cramming in more and more colours.  There's no denying I've got a bad case of Colour Greed.

Of course I also have the diet palette ready to go.

When I return will I be able to bring myself to confess how many of these colours I actually used?

Anyone else suffer from Colour Greed?

List of the colours I think I can't live without:
Light Red
Transparent Orange
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Lemon
Burnt Umber
Quinacridone Gold
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Cadmium Red Dark
Cadmium Red
Opera Rose
Paynes Gray
Davy's Gray
Neutral Tint
Cobalt Turquoise Light
Cerulean Blue
Manganese Blue
Perylene Green
Hooker's Green
Green Gold
Olive Green
Ultramarine Violet
French Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
Cobalt Blue Dark
Alizarin Crimson
Rose Madder
Perylene Maroon
Potter's Pink

... and I'm still stressing over the fact that I don't have room for Terre Verte and a whole lot of other colours you don't even want to know about.
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