Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dinner in Cortona

To celebrate Jean's birthday and the last night of James' holiday we dined at the Trattoria Dardano in Cortona. Graeme says we had dinner there when we stayed in Cortona about six years ago. I had to take his word for it because I hit my head in our hotel room and don't remember a thing.

After dinner we wandered around Cortona, peeped into the sweet little Opera House with its rows of boxes all around. Jean and I looked in a few shop windows and congratulated ourselves on how few clothes we buy these days and finally settled in the square for a final drink. Graeme doesn't look like he needs another - but it's just the after effects of the Tiramisu!

Aziz captures the moment while James wonders if he should believe anything Graeme says.

So Happy Birthday Jean, and Arrivederci James.

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