Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Contender

Dermott & his little friend Bella

Katherine Tyrrell of Marking a Mark has posted the first part of her Making a Mark Blogging Art Awards for 2007.

Dermott is extremely chuffed to discover he was a Contender for 'The Moose' - Best Animal in an Illustrated Blog Award. He was less chuffed when he discovered The Moose had been awarded to a cat! He's left it to me to congratulate Gayle Mason Fur in the Paint on her wonderful 'Out of Sight'.

As Katherine points out Dermott learned to type this year and started his own blog I Am Dog, Hear Me Snore. Had he won 'The Moose' I'm sure there would have been a stewards' inquiry, due to the fact that he has recently been flirting outrageously with Katherine.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just The Facts

Kevin Sinclair
1942 - 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas To Do List

Anticipation - Snowy and Dermott waiting for Santa

I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping - and certain people in this house are getting anxious. Dermott has already peeked into the bottom of the wardrobe and he isn't impressed!

The other important thing I have yet to do is get my nomination in for Best Blogger's Painting of 2007!

Katherine Tyrrell of Making a Mark is offering a PRIZE.

She is asking us to identify and nominate a candidate for the best drawing or painting we've seen on an art or illustrated blog in 2007. THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS 21 DECEMBER!! So don't add it to your Christmas To Do list - get over there NOW and vote to make a fellow art blogger know just how much their work has been appreciated this year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sketching and Snowing

Pitt Artist Pen & Pelikan ink wash

When we first arrived in in Tuscany I was distressed at the sight of a crippled old tom cat dragging himself past our house. I thought he'd probably been hit by a car until I saw him one morning, high on a rooftop, hunting!

This is a bit heavy handed as a sketch, but I think it would make a nice woodcut if only I could make a woodcut!

I've been suffering from Snow Envy for a couple of days after seeing Casey Klahn's photos of his new studio sitting in a beautiful snowscape. My inner child was delighted to wake this morning to a small helping of our own snow.

It doesn't seem that long since our favourite neighbour was sunning himself on one of those lounges. It's blowing a gale now and we are expecting more of the white stuff in the morning.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

From watercolour to pen sketches

My watercolour course has officially come to an end but I keep turning up each week because of the two new friends I've made and all that I can still learn from Gabriele. The watercolour above is after a pen and ink sketch of his. I drive past the Chiesa della Consolazione on the way to my lesson. The church is an octagonal building of 1565, possibly designed by Vasari.

I'm very fond of Gabriele's pen and ink sketches so he is now helping me learn some approaches to capture the local architecture. I'm still too heavy-handed and need a lot of practice to free up my arm.

Doodling with a fine Pitt Artist Pen.

In the spring Gabriele plans to take us sketching on location. After a lifetime of living and painting here, he knows all the best spots.
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