Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vegan Waterecolours

I've just had the pleasure of reviewing an intriguing new range of watercolours, intriguing because they are vegan - no animal products.

The palette is quite unusual in that it's very organic, Colors of Nature as they are labeled by the Canadian manufacturer.  There are lots of Siennas and Umbers.  The brightest pigment is the Ultramarine and there is a good Chromium Green.  This is a plaette that is a natural for landscapes and probably portraits, as the pigments dilute down to ver soft washes.  Good granulation and a beautiful range of greys is achievable.  I'm missing a clear bright red.  The Real Red is very much an Indian red.  This palette is certainly tailormade for Tuscan landscapes and architecure.

The paints come in little pots and are very reasonably priced.  Good luck to Colors of Nature -

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