Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nina's sketchbook with Lindsay's Leaves

Ⓒ Lindsay Olson mixed media on CP watercolour paper

Nina's Flying Picture's Sketchbook is here in Tuscany. I've been feasting on it for the last couple of days and getting rather stressed because I don't want to add something that will let down the stunning standard of work already done by Nina Johansson, Glen Heath, Vivien Blackburn, Ronell van Wyk and Lindsay Olson. It is worth going to the Flying Pictures Blog to see all the beautiful painting already posted from this particular book in our sketchbook exchange.

Nina's theme is Polychromatic Behaviour and it has inspired work of the most glorious colours. Lindsay's multi media painting of Cambria Leaves knocked my socks off and I'm sure anything I put beside it is going to look 'faded' by comparison.

I've got lots of juicy colours on my desk - if I can just squeeze them.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tuscan Village

Detail - Pen & Watercolour for FP Sketchbook Exchange

Finally, I have finished my pages in Glen's Flying Picture Sketchbook. Glen's theme is Flowers but you'll have to wait until Casey receives the book to see where I've put them. Meantime this is a tiny peek at my contribution.

No chance for a breather once I've sent Glen's book flying off to Casey, Nina's Polychromatic Behaviour is now waiting on my desk - it's another stunner! Photos will be posted shortly.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Glen's Sketchbook

Lindsay follows Ronell in Glen's sketchbook

Glen's Flying Pictures Sketchbook is now with me in Tuscany, impatiently waiting for my muse to turn up. The book is already stunning with the latest contribution of a beautiful collage by Lindsay. I've posted a BIG close up of Lindsay's picture on the Flying Pictures blog.

Now I'm off to Venice for four days, hoping to find my muse to help me come up with something for this beautiful book.
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