Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Outperforming Dog

Dermott holds the fort

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live with an outperforming dog? Performing dogs I can relate to. It's simple - they do tricks for treats. An outperforming dog takes your ego by the scruff of the neck and drags it off to the old bones heap.

What is all this about?, you might ask. It's about the annual Making a Mark Awards (MAMA), that's what!

Making a Mark is an exceptionally popular blog about art. Each year at this time its creator, Katherine Tyrrell makes a number of well deserved awards to people who blog about art. However, for the past two years Katherine has recognised our dog and his blog. In 2007 it was two awards - the TALES FROM THE FRONTLINE MENTION IN DESPATCHES and THE AMUSING MUSINGS TROPHY. This year - he gets a Special Mention in THE MOOSE AWARD for the Best Animal in an Illustrated Blog.

Dermott is occasionally featured in my art:

But have you ever seen Dermott produce art? I thought not! This dog doesn't have anything to do with art. This dog thinks a painting is good 'if the eyes follow you around the room!'

So, I come to that time of year when I have to review my artistic goals set twelve months ago:

My Goals for 2008

1. Learn to make more use of Photoshop & Illustrator. FAILED.

2. Study Italian EVERY day. FAILED

3. Sell a painting (and I don't mean to a friend). FAILED

4. Come to grips with oil painting and become faster and more confident. FAILED

5. Paint more Watercolour and pen & ink sketches en plein air. FAILED

6. Share more of our life in Tuscany through my blog. FAILED

7. Achieve a quick sketch every day. FAILED

8. Be more risky and playful. WELL... this one wasn't a top priority after all.

Now do you see what I mean about being outperformed by a dog?!

I'm currently compiling My Goals for 2009:

1. BEAT THE DOG (and I don't mean outperform!)



Stacy said...

Robyn, you are too funny! And don't tell Dermott, but I'm pretty confident in saying you paint better than said dog - you have him beat there. So your goals for 2009 are complete! Now you can relax and enjoy creating. Just don't let him near the paints. ;)

Mrs Murphy said...

Robyn - you mustn't say failed, you should say work in progress! Sounds more positive!
Happy New Year to you!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Stacy :)

You are right, Anita. Maybe I should have said 'failed to date'. Be interesting to see how many of those goals make it to my 2009 list.

Robyn Sinclair said...

.... which, incidentally, I have so far failed to make ;)

Rose Welty said...

Robyn, I think you definitely did accomplish more competency and freedom in oils and watercolors. I really saw an improvement. And, you made huge strides in your prints - which wasn't on the list but it is a great feat nonetheless. So, no, I'm not buying that you are a failure.

And re the dog...Dermott clearly has the "it" factor. :D

Looking forward to all the joy your art will bring me in 2009!

Joan said...

Robyn - I am still laughing! You are not outperformed by a dog!!! Does he do any artwork? No!
Does he inspire people to do artwork? No!
Does he take up new art projects like printmaking? No!
Does he create art books and send them off to people? No!

I think I'm made my point. lol

Have a Wonderful New Year!!!

Lin said...

Well in my eyes, you're an absolutely WINNER!!!!!!!!! Your watercolors are stunning, your oils are fabulous, you have a delightful sense of fun and adventure, you know a ton more Italian than I do -- YOU WIN!!! Can't wait to see you, the winner, in May!!

Unknown said...

Oh Robyn we may not have know each other for to long but I can tell you this. You have not failed. The accomplishment of the print making is big! And just look at those Flying Books you made with your group. I am so looking forward to the new year with you and everyone. In our hearts we have lists just make them know to the universe. Happy New Year!

Jeanette Jobson said...

No failures here Robyn, just forward movement in my eyes. And 2009 will see all your efforts come to fruition.

Now Dermott is a scene stealer, but hey, that's a survival mechanism. You have to be cute to get away with it. :) Tripod has the same tricks up his furry sleeve...

vivien said...

failed???? no way! your work came on beautifully this year - and I've seen it IRL and can witness that!

Dermott is a sweetie but if he tries upstaging you this year I'll send the cats around to sort him ..... the bad language alone from madame will blister his ears :>D

Dermott said...

So, I come to the time of year when I have to review my artistic goals set twelve months ago:

1. Score another gong from Katherine Tyrrell. DONE.

2. Snigger up my boofy sleeve when you don't. DONE.

Ho-hum. Another successful artistic year done and dusted.

Sharon said...

Oh, how funny! This is why I never, never make New Year's resolutions. I couldn't face the failure list on December 31. Actually, Robyn, your work this year has been wonderful to view..and I'm looking forward to more in 2009. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, you are a little harsh on yourself. Number 6 alone scores very well, I think.(Well, it makes me drool!)

Dermott,play nice and stop boofy sniggering.You know you'd be lost without Her.

Happy New Year to all!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, you are making all of this too hard on yourself... who are you supposed to sell your work to, enemies? Even Van Gogh sold to friends whose heirs became filthy rich. I am not suggesting you do anything to your ears, but I do think you could relax about who buys.

As to beating Dermott, if you started doing the cooking he'd be putty in your hands. You know that. Might not leave much time for art, though, since he can eat a lot of brisket bones. If all else fails you can always literally beat the dog.

I admit to occasionally wondering what would happen if I did the two color shaggy look for a change. It sure works for Dermott.

Robyn Sinclair said...

You are ALL such wonderful, supportive, encouraging friends. Now I feel terrible that you felt you had to rush to the aid of my deflated ego.

I did not achieve any of my 2008 goals to the letter. So I took that as an excuse to try to be funny. The fact is, I've had a wonderful year and am really grateful for it. I will acknowledge that when I post my goals for this year.

My major goal for 2009 is to attempt to give back the wonderful gift of support and encouragement I receive here on my blog.

Laurel Neustadter said...

Your post is sooooo funny. And Dermott is sooooo fuzzy and cute. Look at the bright side--You are his mother ... at least you can live vicariously through Dermott. :-) Happy New Year!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Judith - LOL. I thought for a moment - Oh no, she's noticed my ears!

Felicity Grace said...

So funny, and I love the photo! Making resolutions is tempting fate anyway! You are going into 2009 with a smile and a laugh, that's the very best way! Happy New Year Robyn!

mARTa said...

I'll come help you beat the dog!

Judy H said...

Anytime you try you have not failed. But what's the old saying "not star in a movie with kids and dogs". Think the same thing applies to real life.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's great! I really appreciate your posting this. It was good for a laugh and also a relief from all the high minded goals and resolutions! Great play on words too.

Sisterhoodlums said...

It was rigged!! You were robbed!! Dermott hardly ever posts until just before the announcements, trying to draw attention to himself I reckon.

Dermott said...

Listen here, Sishoods, with my charm, charisma, wit, style, good looks and opposable thumbs, I don't need to draw attention to myself. I attract attention like a long drop attracts blowies.

Anni B said...

I think you need a new password. Half your trouble probably stems from Dermott having access to your blog. He's probably sabotaging you in secret, burying your work with his bones!

Dermott said...

Very highly unlikely, Anni B. My bones are mighty particular about the company they keep underground.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Ummm. I'm now thinking 'bones' wasn't a super secure password!

Dermott said...

Well, no, it wasn't. "Cat" would have been better. That word never crosses my mind. Unless I'm feeling peckish. Which, let's face it, is most of the time.

Okay. So "cat" wouldn't have done the job either.

Face it. With an intellect like mine, you couldn't have kept me out.

Anonymous said...

came looking for a smile today and look what I found. your wry sense of humor never fails to amuse. hope your New Year is off to a great start Robyn.

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