Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guess whose studio/cupboard has a window!

Ever since HWEM (He Who Encourages Me) purloined the annex on our terrace which had been proposed as my studio - and left me with a windowless cupboard inside - he's been feeling a tad guilty. As he should.

He decided if the 'cupboard' had a window it would become a 'room' and he wouldn't need to feel guilty. Since the window would open on to an internal staircase it wasn't exactly going to flood my world with light but I do have a great studio light. At least I'd no longer have to turn the studio light on in order to pick something up from my desk.

Since our apartment building is considerably older than I am, the window needed to be of a style sympathetic to the rest of the structure.

Now it's finished it does look rather nice but a bit like a nun's cell. I wonder if HWEM expects me to take a vow of silence.


Dermott said...

As dictated to me by HWEM:

"Yeah yeah. Grizzle whinge. You've got a window. Leaving aside hunger and homelessness, windowlessness is one of the great blights on modern society. And you've got one. There are people who would sell their mothers-in-law for a window.

Note the plural "mothers"? Note the absence of the plural of "law"?

Now fix your grammar."

mARTa said...

Don't mind Dermott, I think your window is super!!!! LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Jana Bouc said...

The space looks great as does the slide show. I clicked on the picture of you and your dogs and just fell in love with those gorgeous dogs. What cutie pies. You all look great together too.

Making A Mark said...

I want a Dermot slideshow too!

That window looks like it's been worth the effort - and what an effort!

Dermott said...

Katherine, I don't come cheap.

Anonymous said...

I hope you bow before that window when you enter! It seems he has been risking his life "up there" for you...enjoy the light!

Joan said...

The idea of you taking "a vow of silence" just made me chuckle. The window is lovely, and I'm sure it will make your narrow studio feel much brighter and bigger. Congratulations!

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

What a beautiful job he did! Now, I must tell you, when you referred to your husband in earlier posts as HWEM, my first guess at what the letters stood for was "husband with enormous muscles". Hee hee! I still like my imagined version, but the true one is infinitely better!

Casey Klahn said...

Does it face North, BTW? That would complete my dream of this as the perfect studio in lovely Italia.

Would you like to trade one half finished 60' x 14' trailer studio in eastern Washington for it?

Beautiful window, Robyn.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Jana - thank you :) Dermott is adored by this village. If they only knew!

Marta & Joan - thank you for coming to my window opening ;)

Ronell - You don't actually think HWEM actually built my window, do you?! He's much focussed on building his bbq with 200 year old bricks.

Katherine - Dermott is working on his own slideshow. You may be sorry you asked.

Liz - I think HWEM fancies your title for him.

Casey - Before you decide to trade, you should be aware that there is no north light, my window opens on to an internal stairwell where north-east light is reflected off a south-west wall. I think in my case a window is just a state of mind.

juj said...

your window is beautiful. If you were here in the states you would have got some plain thing with no character. And I doubt it will look much like a nun's cell once you've filled it with your own character. Then, I suspect, the light will glow even more from the inside out than the outside in.

Judybec said...

A window on the stairwell is better than no window at all!
I enjoyed your slide show... looks like HWEM (love that!) did a lot of hard work.
I'm STILL in awe of the tree painting you posted earlier... colors are lovely.

Laura Frankstone said...

I'll say he should have felt guilty! But this is a charming addition to your studio. Now you can take up plainsong and manuscript illumination in your spare time! Your renovation and seeing Casey's and Ronell's studios have shamed me into making mine look decent. Maybe I'll do a slideshow thingy like you've done. Congrats on the new window!

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