Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pen and Ink

Mont Blanc fountain pen & Pelikan Brilliant Brown ink
large Moleskine sketchbook

I wanted to paint a huge beautiful vase of lilies given to me by L & J. I managed to sketch three of them and then, because I've just bought Jos A Smith's The Pen and Ink Book, I decided to practice making clean bold lines with my pen. I used white gouache for highlights. White ink (as suggested by Mr Smith) would have given me a better contrast.

I've been tagged - again - twice! I'm really touched that the tags came from two artists whose work I greatly admire - Anita Murphy and Jeanette Jobson. Thank you :)

Last time I was tagged I gave far too much away so I'm not going to link back to that! I have to reveal seven things you don't know about me.

1. One of my ears sticks out more than the other.

2. I have two cigarette burns in my favourite Helmut Lang coat.

3. I gave up smoking February 21, 2001

4. I wear my favourite clothes forever

5. I like to eat sweetened condensed milk from the tube. (I gave that up too but I'd still like it).

6. I have a weakness for cashmere

7. I darn the moth holes in my cashmere now I don't work.

I am tagging the following:

Sognatrice from Bleeding Espresso - and other little known side effects of moving to Italy because I really enjoy her writing and because she is so entertaining about her new life in Italy.

Liz Patterson who has an enviable collection of pitchers (I call them jugs) and features them in beautiful sill life paintings.

Joan Y for her stunning drawings of nature.

Joan of Watercolors by Joan for her lovely watercolour landscapes and the inspiration she provides by constantly painting. I think she's currently sketching in Spain.

Finally Dermott of I am dog, hear me snore in order to distract him from rubbing up against the lounge and to get stuck into some writing.

Finally a little watercolour exercise from my class last week.
Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

OK for a second I thought you were going to tag me to do a pen and ink--now *that* would've been something especially fun. Maybe I'll tag myself anyway ;)

I'm on the seven...I think...hmm....

Thanks for the kind words, btw :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your lily sketch! The lines are so sure and clean and fresh and it looks beautiful on the soft yellow background this!
Your wc landscape is beautiful too...bright and sunny.
PS: how's the back?

Dave said...

Ooh they are lovely lines. As they should be...a Mont Blanc pen!! Lucky you!

Joan Y said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for the tag and thanks for the very kind words! I know I'll have trouble thinking up 7 facts as interesting as yours! Cheers!

caseytoussaint said...

I love your sunny little landscape, Robyn! It's fun tolearn more about you - and I enjoyed seeing you 'in person' on Marta's blog.

Making A Mark said...

Wow - the investment is paying off already! Stunning 'clean' drawing Robyn.

Janet said...

Love the yellow in the water color!

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful lines on those lilies and your watercolour landscape is so inviting!

Karen Cole said...

Beautiful pieces Robyn. The lilies are so bold and the watercolor so soft. You are truly versatile.

Joan said...

Love both of your sketches, but you know I'm drawn to the Tuscan landscape. Great job on the trees and that yellow field. I bought a Moleskin Watercolor sketchbook, but haven't been brave enough to use it yet. I feel like it has to be a masterpiece to go in such a lovely book. I should have just done my Spain sketches right in it.

janie said...

beautiful lillies, both strong and delicate.
I love your skylines, those two trees in the middle are great characters

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