Monday, May 30, 2011

EDM 129, 130 - Nearing the End!

This is the second last sketch of the Every Day in May Challenge - 2011

This is the sketch I am least happy to have in my book.

There was no shortage of models yesterday for 'Draw People Doing Something', it's just that none of the blighters would keep still! I settled on the annual brass band competition but even musicians are a fidgety lot. Took about six sketches to get to this one which I then copied into my EDiM sketchbook and added a bit of watercolour.

So I guess I have to practise sketching people. Groan. Or maybe I just sketch dogs. Dogs are the best people!


Sue Pownall said...

I like them both. I had to check the title to find why there was an apple on your books - so clever and beautifully drawn! You have captured the musician's posture very well.

Ruca said...

I'm with you Robyn. I prefer to sketch dogs, but for me that makes sense since I am a dog. It's funny that you're a person and you feel you have a harder time sketching people. Maybe you're part dog?

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