Saturday, May 14, 2011

EDM 112 - Draw Something Fresh

Fresh Peas from our garden

If one gets out of step with the EDiM Challenge as I just have, it's a struggle to catch up.

HWEM would be quick to point out that while he was sweating it out under the Umbrian sun helping establish a vegetable garden near Todi (see previous post), I was sitting in the shade with Dermott, sketching. Well I was sketching, Dermott was enjoying the change of scene.

Pigma Micron pen and watercolour in Strathmore Watercolour Journal

The farmer on the hillside below was cutting hay all day. The birds and I were delighted!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I've decided it's a sketch before breakfast when we get to Provence - glad to see you're limbering up for the rigours of sitting in the sun! ;)

I like that one at the bottom in particular

Anita said...

I love the bottom one - just gorgeous!

Robyn said...

Katherine - You'll be making me breakfast! :) Did I mention it takes two coffees to get me out of bed?

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