Monday, May 09, 2011

EDM 108 & 109 - Dog Clock and Light Bulbs


Who needs a clock when you have a dog. You can set your watch by Dermott.


This is part of the Everyday in May challenge - drawing something every day in May.

Visit our flickr group to see all the sketches or even join in.


Felicity said...

Wonderful! Great to see Dermott getting in on the act!

Robyn said...

Thanks Felicity. And for not spotting the error in my Roman numerals. Obviously I was in left brain mode.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's a great drawing of Dermie baby.

I do so agree about animals being wonderful timekeepers.

My cat Polly knows when it's 1.00pm (lunchtime) and 5.00pm (teatime). Miaowing starts and continues until I make tracks to the kitchen. Her job is then to try and trip me up as I get there so I can stay put and just open more pouches for her as and when required.

Robyn said...

Thanks, Katherine. It's amazing the way they do it. It's so often not just around the time but spot on the time. In addition to walk; breakfast; lunch; walk; dinner; Dermott knows Grissini Time. That's the time when I pour a drink and he gets a grissini. If I am still at my desk five minutes after Grissini Time he comes in and slaps me with a dirty great paw until I give in. Of course, I'm usually quite quick to give in.

Robyn said...

Those Roman numerals could well have been done after Grissini Time.

Dermott said...

That's called image appropriation. Next thing you'll have me on tea towels. I am walking in your shoes, Mona Lisa, I am feeling your pain.

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

Grissini Time? Here's another euphemism: Blotto O'Clock.

Dermott said...

Polly? Why should your tum-tum routine be dictated by her?

She has a handbag. Probably. In that handbag will be a purse. Otherwise she will just have a purse. In that purse will be rectangular pieces of coloured paper and round bits of metally stuff.

They're a Ticket To All The Fresh Tuna You Can Stuff In Your Gob.

Take the purse, pop down to the local fishmonger, and go for it.

She won't mind in the slightest. She'll think it's a jolly jape.

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