Monday, May 16, 2011

Bird Sketches and EDM #114

Pigeon pen & watercolour wash

I'm prone to obsession and my current craze is birds. Until now I'd had no luck feeding birds in our garden - Italian birds don't seem to understand the concept of hanging bird feeders. Finally I had some wonderful advice from the Bird Forum to supply drinking and bathing water. Since I couldn't find a proper bird bath I used a large pot saucer fill of water. Two other pot saucers are placed in the garden and scattered with seed. Now I lie in bed each morning with my binoculars (and my coffee) delighting in all the bird life.

Black Redstart - watercolour and oil pastel

A Black Redstart female nesting under the eaves dives from the nest like an Olympian. They are such curious and friendly little birds. I'm going to be so sorry when nesting is over.

EDM # 114 - Draw something Ugly

I wasn't very inspired by my latest EDM subject, so I'm looking forward to moving on to the next. Can't wait to get to 'Draw a Bird'.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Love the pigeon!

Sherrie Y said...

Robyn, I LOVE the gesture of the pigeon... and the's full of life and personality! Well done!

Casey Klahn said...

This pigeon sends me. Great one, Robyn!

I must get on with that Crow image I want to do someday.

Dermott said...

What an interesting trio:

1. Lunch.

2. A toothpick to dig out the bits of pigeon afterwards.

3. Something I'd find in my belly button.

"JeanneG" said...

Beautiful job on the pigeon.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Robyn!! Love your pigeon..

Joan T said...

You've got quiet a few new sketches that I didn't see before. The pigeon is the irridescent colors in his neck.

You are right about the EDM. If you get off track it is hard to get back on. I was away over the weekend and had a hard time finding the next items...I hated going out of order and then having to post that way.

Cathy Gatland said...

You could draw an ugly bird for EDM?... which your pigeon and black redstart certainly are not - the pigeon especially is fabulous!

Charlene Brown said...

I love your pigeon's 'you talkin' to me?' look, but my favourite is your action shot of the Redstart -- very convincing and a great composition!

Robyn said...

Thank you all. Glad you like the pigeon, I was pleased with him myself.

Cathy - Next EDiM challenge I'm going to draw a bird for every topic! :)

Charlene - Thanks for supporting the Redstart - it's quite painterly for me and I was hoping that was progress. :)

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