Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sweet Wattle

Happy International Women's Day!

When we went to the bar for our morning coffee, I was presented with a little spray of Mimosa tied up with yellow ribbon. Of course they weren't to know that 'Wattle' as we call it, is Australia's national flower. A major moment of nostalgia, but what a lovely tradition here in Italy for Women's Day.

The sketch is very rough with my new pastels and certainly is NOT a result of the on-line workshop I'm doing with Dianna Ponting. That is much more sophisticated and 3D.


Casey Klahn said...

I can smell this Wattle!
Your drawing skills, and that certain something that you have as an artist is holding you in good stead.
One more thing. I have never heard of Wattle.
No matter. Happy Women's day, everyone!

mARTa said...

Che fiori tanti belli....I've done a little pastel...choke, cough, choke...and love the medium. I think this is very pretty and you'll enjoy exploring the pastels..sempre, marta

Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey, thank you. You are fast becoming my pastel mentor! I really appreciate all the links on your blog. Wattle is actually Acacia - does that help?

Marta - Thank you. Every time you post I feel guilty that I'm spending so much time painting and not enough time studying Italian. Shame on me! Ciao

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