Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bay in Flower

I've never seen a Bay tree in flower before but last year I did see one at the farm covered in berries. The Bay grows like a weed in Tuscany and we have some self-sown that will have to come out as they are trying to take over our whole garden.

This isn't my best botanical effort (watercolour pencils) but I'm hoping to improve having today ordered the book -The Art of Botanical Painting by Margaret Stevens, recommended to me by Katherine Tyrrell (Making a Mark). Katherine is my best resource for all things about Art online. For example she has a wonderful Squidoo Lens on Botanical Art that I'm just starting to explore.

This little project to record everything in the garden as it blooms is becoming a daily task and I think things are going to accelerate once this cold (make that freezing) snap is over. And, of course, it is a great excuse to put off that half-sheet watercolour I've planned that I'm still not greatly confident about.


Casey Klahn said...

I'm enjoying your botanicals very much. Did I ever link you to my local chum who is an awarded botanical pastellist?
See her art at and her name is Sheila Evans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is going to get more challenging as the spring advances! I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Lin said...

WOW!! I never saw a flowering bay either -- but you've captured it with such grace and beauty!! I am so looking forward to seeing your botanicals.... I"m joining you in the race to sketch the spring ... before the spring chores catch up!!

Katherine said...

You're very kind Robyn!

You've got some very nice subtle variation in the greens going on in this drawing.

I think you might find that you do more work on Hot Press watercolour paper in future. You may wish to consult with Mr Fabriano - but wait for the book and see what Margaret Stevens has to say as well.

I'm now off to take a look at Casey's chum

MrsSnowy said...

Casey - Thank you. I just checked out your friend Sheila's pastel botanicals - just beautiful, I love the burning light through the foliage.

Lin - Thanks so much. I'm glad I'm going to have company on the Spring Challenge.

Katherine - That's the problem with this pretty coloured sketchbook - little ridged texture in the paper which doesn't give a smooth finish in coloured pencil. I think gouache is the answer but not so convenient. I can't wait for my books to arrive!

Dave - You should join in too! You are off to a flying start with your beautiful daffodils.

platitudinal said...

The different shades of green in this painting are very refreshing. I use bay leaves in most of my cooking. This subject has a special spot within me.

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