Friday, March 30, 2007

I love Wednesdays

Wednesday is the day my Art Group meets. I love saying that!

It's taken almost two years for me to find a local art group. Now, thanks to generous friends, each Wednesday afternoon I will spend three hours in the art studio of a beautifully restored 13th century convent owned by the Tanganelli family.

Back in September the first sketch I did in my Moleskine was the restored convent, Residence Le Santucce.

I had no idea there was an art studio behind those walls. Fate!

At present everyone is painting in oils - the only medium I don't have in my mini-warehouse of art supplies. Yet!

This week I just sat quietly and sketched. Quietly, because only my gracious hostess, Miranda, speaks English. Everyone hopes this is going to help my Italian. If this doesn't motivate me, nothing will! On the other hand my companions are more likely to improve their English.

Next Wednesday I'm going to dip a toe into the world of classic oil painting. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.


mARTa said...

Brava Robyn! These sketches are very nice and I envy you to say the least. I would love to have command of the italian language and improve on my art skills! I bet you are going to savor your experience at the convent! Buona fortuna! marta

Joan said...

You are so lucky to have a local art group to paint with each week. I'm jealous. When you get into oils, please don't stop your watercolors. I love seeing them. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

It must feel wonderful to have found this group. And two new challenges; learning oils and Italian! Have fun!!

platitudinal said...

Yes, it is fate indeed! The whole experience had a dreamy touch to it … the first sketch, the place, the language, the ambiance --- ah, everything! I am as excited as you are for your upcoming venture to the oil realm. Expand, explore, experience. :)


Africantapestry said...

Very nice sketches, the table scene had such great color and I love the the line work of your restored convent...looks like pen?
Enjoy the oils!

MrsSnowy said...

Marta - I suspect you already have more Italian than I! Hopefully I'll improve.

Joan - Many thanks. I have no intention of giving up watercolours - I still have far too much to learn. The mess of oils may put me off.

Dave - Thank you. It does feel wonderful!

Luci - Thank you for sharing my excitement.

Ronell - Thanks for dropping in. It is a micron felt tip pen. I put the main structure in lightly in pencil and then inked in the detail. Didn't want to risk ruining my new Moleskin! LOL.

Felicity said...

Lucky you! Hope you have a super time! Lovely sketches BTW!

MrsSnowy said...

Felicity- thank you. I'm a bit nervous actually. Silly isn't it.

sheila said...

Your blog is great. Your sketches are fantastic, and I am completely jealous you have an art group. I've recently re-located and have yet to find one for myself.

MrsSnowy said...

Sheila - it took me a while to find a group. My very best wishes in you finding yours. And thank you for your lovely comments.

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