Monday, July 07, 2008

Ronell's Sketchbook flies on to Casey

Detail of my contribution to Ronell's FP sketchbook.

Ronell's Flying Pictures sketchbook left me today for Casey in France. I'm thinking Rainbow Moments may well take the opportunity to check in with her creator while she's in France.

Above is a peek at what I have added to Ronell's book. Of course it's not the bit I had so much trouble with ;)

As usual I'm so sorry to let another of these beautiful books go, knowing it will never return but I know Casey is going to add something wonderful and we will all get to share the images on line.

Ronell's book rewrapped and ready to go.

I know most of you have seen how Ronell packaged her book, but it is so pretty I had to post it again.


Joan said...

I love the pen & wash sketch. These sketchbooks will be so interesting when they're done!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited! You're very stingy with this peek, it looks so gorgeous...nothing more to peek at? I have these acanthus mollis growing next to my fountain, they are just beautiful. Sometimes I actually think we're going too fast with this project, which will make this all over far too soon!What then!

caseytoussaint said...

This looks amazing, Robyn! Oh no- another difficult act to follow.....

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Lovely values in this Robyn - you've got some real depth going in this one.

It's nice to see how all the sketchbooks are progressing

Are you all going to arrange an exhibition of them at the end?

Robyn said...

Thanks Joan, I did manage loosen up a little in that tiny corner. And yes, the finished books will be something to treasure.

Ronell, thank you for recognising the acanthus - I've always had trouble sketching them in the past. I was quite pleased with this effort. Knowing it was for you caused me to lift my game ;)

Casey - It's a bit of a miracle I finally got this one into the post. Your contribution is eagerly awaited.

Katherine - Many thanks (of course I picked the best bit to show!).

Many, many thanks for your enthusiastic support of our project. We would love to arrange an exhibition of all the books at the end. I've volunteered to tour the world with them ;)

dinahmow said...

I am getting so much (vicarious) pleasure froom this project!
Here's a thought: it costs pennies to burn a CD these days, so why not put all your books on one? You can then send it around and everyone can burn a copy.I think we'll be doing that, especially as not all of us are bloggers.

Susan's Scribbles said...

Yours is a beautiful addition! How exciting for all of you!

Robyn said...

Dinah - Many thanks for an excellent suggestion re the CD. I'll take it up with the other Flyers.

Susan - Many thanks.

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