Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Flying Pictures - Rainbow Moments

Oil Pastel - ⓒ Lindsay Olson

I didn't think I'd ever be posting an oil pastel painting on this blog. I'm hopeless with oil pastels myself. They are, however, Lindsay's great love and forte and she has chosen them for her spread in Ronell's Flying Pictures sketchbook exchange called Rainbow Moments which is now with me in Tuscany.

Beautiful work Lindsay and a sublime mood you've created with the still, reflective water and the lovely island trees. A 'rainbow moment' indeed. I keep glancing at the picture, waiting for you to come paddling by in your canoe.

It's also a great delight to finally have some of Ronell's beautiful original watercolours . Ronell has created a gorgeous polished wax finish on her cover. There is also a special personal gift from Ronell to keep, which I won't reveal because it will spoil the surprise for the other Flyers.

Flying Sketchbook Cover ⓒ Ronell van Wyk

If you want to peek inside, you can see Ronell's pages HERE on her blog Africantapestry or at our Flying Pictures Blog, where the journeys of all seven books are being recorded.

Lindsay enclosed a secret First Aid Kit to assist with the anxiety that quickly follows the delight associated with receiving one of these beautiful books. Anxiety because one now has to come up with something to add to this beauty. I painted half a spread before I realised I was using the wrong size paper, so I started over ... and over... Don't hold your breath Casey, I may be a while!


Lindsay said...

I did the same thing with Ronell'ls book! I started one on the wrong size. All the books are slightly different. Just adds to the need for chocolate. Thanks for your kind words.

Toni said...

I'm loving these books.

Hi Robyn
I'm still around hope to be back in the swing of things soon.

Anonymous said...

It still feels so strange to see my book somewhere else..an exciting feeling! I'm very intrigued by this First aid kit...Lindsay is always very original! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done Robyn!And I also thank you for the kind words

janie said...

The tranquil mood Lindsay created is so beautiful, love it.
This flying sketch book is a brilliant idea.

Jeanette said...

I too have no luck with oil pastels, except to create a muddied mess with them. But this is lovely. I'm envious.

The Flying Sketchbooks project is wonderful and great to challenge each person to add to it. It makes me want to get one started on this side of the Atlantic.

dinahmow said...

While very much enjoying your Flying Pictures, I am now getting "pumped-up" over a similar exchange that I'm in.
On my http://moreidlethoughts.wordpress.com/
you can see the first to arrive at my place.(I have a live link on the blogger site.)
I love Lindsay's oil pastels, but I'm still hesitant as the only time I ever tried I made a horrible, icky mess!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Really enjoying keeping in touch with the flying sketchbooks. Makes you sick doesnt it Robyn to find people who can do amazing art and then top it all with incredible handwriting/calligraphy. I'd need a flagon of spirit in that first aid kit Lindsay kindly sent to help me over the scared onslaught Id feel on receiving these works. Looking forward to what you come up with.

Robyn said...

The sense of community in an allotment must be fun, Joan. I love the patina on the old drum and the 'weeds' are beautiful. Charming sketches.

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