Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Onion on my Desk

Watercolour & WC pencils - A4 scribble block

HWEM has started pulling the first onions from the garden. I want to do a proper watercolour but thought I had better catch one at least in a sketch before it loses its leaves. All the sketches I'm doing lately are on a cheap sketch pad I bought from the supermarket. It is so liberating! ( Note to Sharon - I've used some Perylene Maroon in this. Sharon has been painting onions as well.)

Watercolour & Pen - Val di Chio

Inspired by looking at some lovely loose pen and ink sketches in our Flying Pictures sketchbook exchange (see Casey and Ronell) I've started playing fast and loose with the local scenery. This is a detail from the view over the valley from our carpark.

Watercolour, Acrylic ink and pen

Acrylic inks I bought on special in London and not sure if I really needed!

Roman building - Pitt Artist Pens & ink

Two Hot Dogs suffering the Tuscan Summer


laureline said...

Oh, my gosh, I've hit the jackpot! Look at this array of lovely Robynian work! The landscape is utterly WONDERFUL---such great shadow colors and roof colors and composition and looseness. Perfection, in short. The onion is also very elegant and spare, which combination I love. The inks are so saturated and stunning. And the little double portico sketch and the dogs, too, are just plain fun. You're good, girl, you're good.

Robyn said...

Way too generous as usual, dear Laura but I'm brimming with delight.... particularly after seeing your latest beauties. :)

Dermott said...

What's that ferret doing lying in front of that lion in the last drawing?

Robyn said...

Dermott: If you want a bone tomorrow night you will withdraw that remark!

"JeanneG" said...

I see Dermott got to keep his long fur this year. No shave for summer.

I love the onion. You made it look effortless. Nice view of the carpark. Makes you want to stay there forever.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I think Dermott looks cute!

What I really like though are the paintings of the onion and the scenery. The first is acutely observed and the second promises of yet more to come. The scenery in your part of Italy is so glorious it would great to see you doing more like this

I can recommend getting a huge sketchbook! ;)

Lindsay said...

Wonderful post here Robyn. I adore onions and the local color ones are great too.

Robyn said...

Jeanne - Thank you for enjoying my sketches. By the way, Dermott has had his summer clip - he actually looked like a huge dirty mop before his groomer went to work. You can see the before and after HERE

Katherine: Thank you :) As you know I've long been admiring how you find the patterns in your landscapes. Maybe some of it's starting to rub off ;)
Not sure I could juggle a BIG sketchbook.

Lindsay: Thank you. I will post your beautiful additions to Vivien's sketchbook this evening. It's difficult to photograph the Flying Pictures sketch books now they are growing.

Robyn said...

Jeanne - I don't seem to be able to make that link work. I'll try again HERE

Joan said...

Robyn, You've got such a wonderful variety of art here!! The dogs are so cute. I love the painting of the Tuscan landscape...It just gladdens my heart! Great job on the onion that roasted with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil...yum!!

Robyn said...

Joan - I suspect just the thought of Italy gladdens your heart, but it's nice that my landscape set you off.

I have never thought to put balsamic vinegar on roasted onions - I'll have to speak to 'The Chef'.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work robyn! That onion...could I have that in my book can draw it again or cut from your book and paste into mine! and your tuscan landscape is jsut wonderful, I agree with Katherine, you should really get a huge sketcvhbook for more of these! And lastly I have to comment on how attractive Dermott looks...was this one a commission?

Toni said...

Hey Robyn, what a gorgeous onion! and loving the color.
I absolutely love FW inks.
I like to use them like watercolor on canvas.

Lor Lor said...

This is a lovely post on your blog it really shows an artists enquiring vision, different subjects treated in different ways. Great stuff.

caseytoussaint said...

Oops - I thought I'd already commented here. Must have been so dumbstruck by all this beauty that I just wandered off, babbling to myself. You have such a wonderful range - and everything you do seems to work out!

Robyn said...

Ronell - Thank you :) I wish I'd know you'd be happy with an onion! I had a false start in your book that I'd have been delighted to paste the onion over.

Toni - Thanks. I might have to come to you for tips on the FW inks.

lor lor - that is so sweet of you to find something positive in what I see as my lack of personal style.

Casey - Thank you. I'm going to go on letting you think everything I do works out. ;) I can relate to babbling to oneself though. I've been doing a bit of that lately.

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