Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arrivederci Vivien's Flying Pictures Sketchbook

Sneak preview of my addition to Vivien's Sketchbook

Vivien's Flying Pictures Sketchbook is winging its way to Casey in France. I do hope you like my additions, Vivien. If you don't, just send it back ;) I'd love to keep your book with its beautiful art.

This marks the half way point in our Flying Pictures Sketchbook Exchange - only three more books to go. Only three more panic attacks to suffer!

Along with my other Flyers, I'm the proud recipient of two awards from Casey. Thank you Casey!

Althought I spent the best years of my life rehearsing my Oscar acceptance speech, I'm ashamed to say I have been slow to acknowledge these generous awards which I have also recently received from Clare and Sharon. Thank you again!

Now I have to follow through with the requirements of accepting these awards.

1. Put the award logo on your own blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 5 to 7 others.
4. Add links to them.
5. Leave messages for nominees.

Do you see now why I've been so slow? First of all many of the people I would award have already received their awards and delivered their acceptance speechs. My other reluctance is that in making these awards, one can't name all one's favourite blogs - many are left out, overlooked, heartbroken. There are also blogs I visit regularly, and adore that aren't even in my blogroll because I feel it would be pushy of me to associate myself with such talent!

So today's awards go to:

Katherine - Making a Mark & Travels with a Sketchbook (who is not required to fulfill the above tasks) but without whom, any art blog list would be incomplete.

Lin - View from the Oak - for her watercolours and being the most generous and active of bloggers.

Joan - Watercolours by Joan - who inspires with her dedication to the art of watercolour.

Toni - A Spattering for her wonderful blog of nature tales.

Robin - Rednews Another inspiration both for her talent and dedication to her art.

Wendy - Quirkyartist - for her adventures with new mediums and memories of home

Janie - Ragamuffins - for her gorgeous paintings and great photographs

Liz - Liz Patterson Art Journal - who always surprises and delights

Anyone who doesn't have time to participate, I totally understand!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thank you for the mention Robyn - you are one of my biggest supporters and it's always nice to have a 'cheer' from over there in Tuscany.

I wish I had time to do this properly but I've got to the point where I could be doing it continuously and not posting about art at all... :-(

What I do love with these posts though are the links to blogs I've not spotted before - so I will go and pay visits instead!

Plus I'd like to second the cheer for Lin - a longstanding and heart-warming blogger of comments on many many blogs! Plus she always gets there before I do - but I may have just beaten her to it this time! :D

Toni said...

Thank you Robyn
I will participate this weekend.

Joan said...

Robyn, Thanks so much!! I'll have to work on my acceptance speech and my nominations.

I love this sneak peek into the book! From the gorgeous colors I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Liz P said...

What a nice surprise! Thank you Robyn! I'll try to overcome my summer slowness and participate in passing along these awards soon.

caseytoussaint said...

Robyn, I just wanted to let you know that the sketchbook arrived in perfect shape. I'm leaving for the second half of my vacation tomorrow, and so may not get to it until after. It always takes me a week or so to get over the shock of seeing your beautiful work and knowing that I have to add to it!

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