Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flying Pictures - Local Colour

Casey's Flying Picture Cover (right) with Vivien's 'spine'

Casey's Flying Pictures Sketchbook Local Colour has arrived in Tuscany. It is full of surprises and delights and it really made me smile.

First of all, Casey painted a front and back cover for her book, not realising just how fat these sketchbooks were going to become as two to three new pages were added by each of us taking part in the FP Sketchbook Exchange. By the time Casey's book got to Vivien it had enjoyed itself so much, as is inclined to happen when one is travelling, and that which had previously fitted, no longer fitted!

There was nothing for it but for Vivien to cut Casey's original cover in half and attach a new spine. That's it on the left in the picture above - one of Vivien's beautiful seascapes. It came with a note which I would like to share with you:

Casey - Your cover wouldn't fit any more. I hope it's ok but I've extended it for you with a bit of sea.
I've left it too long so would the last person please trim a bit off it when they know how thick the book will be? Thanks - Vivien.

Okay, 'the last person' happens to be me and if you think I'm going to cut up one of your beautiful seascapes, Vivien, you have another think coming! The way I see it, Casey's got a bonus original Vivien Blackburn!

My next smile came from what was tucked inside an envelope in Casey's cover.

The Art Fairy - Ⓒ Casey Toussaint

Isn't she delightful! I'm really tempted to keep her. This is the first book I've received with paintings by Casey - it's been worth waiting for. You can see the entire contents of Casey's beautiful book with everyone else's contributions at the Flying Pictures Blog.

What nobody has seen yet are Lindsay's beautiful oil pastels in Casey's book. I'm now going to post them on the Flying Pictures Blog HERE. She calls them Lake Michigan Sketches 2008. I call them beautiful little gems.

This is the last book in our exchange - I don't know what I'm going to paint yet - but at least I've got the Art Fairy to help me this time.

I do need to get cracking though because I'm almost mad with delight that my darling daughter and her partner are on their way from Australia to visit. I haven't seen her for almost two and a half years! Art and blogging are going to have to take a back seat for a few weeks.


Joan said...

Following the lives of these books you've created has been such a joy!!! The artwork by each person is gorgeous. Tell Casey she needs to sell copies of the little "Art Fairy." I know we could all use her well!! Enjoy your time with your daughter and her partner!!I hope it is a long visit, since I know you have so much to share with her.

mARTa said...

I have been left speechless by the amount of creativity expressed through all of your Flying Pictures. Bravo to all who participated, what treasures you hold close!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a wonderful summer of friendship, Robyn.And I would take the same stance in the matter of "cuttiing a bit off" that spine!
Thankyou, all of you, for sharing this via blogs.

Anonymous said...

I have really only just found this journal thread, and wish I had been following it from the start. So many magic things. The oil pastels are divine, and the colour is stunning, and ... all wonderful really. I bet you all miss the excitement and anticipation once all is done and dusted.

vivien said...


and sad that's it's over :>( Your book is going in the post, to Ronell, tomorrow Robyn - sorry I held that one up a bit

and it wasn't easy cutting that pretty cover!

SEriuously - just cut that spine to size!

I did you some seascapes of your own :>) too

All the comments above have really picked up on what fun we've had :>) and we must do another project in gloomy cold January to cheer us up post-Christmas

caseytoussaint said...

I'm getting so excited about seeing my book again - everything I've seen looks so beautiful. I'm really happy that you guys have worked on the cover as well! Do whatever you feel is right for the cover, Robyn! And you are very welcome to hold on to the art fairy if you like!

Robyn said...

Casey - I would love to hold on to your Art Fairy but I'm not going to because I feel she is such a charming part of your book and should be enjoyed by everyone who turns the pages in the years to come.

Vivien: I still can't make the cut ;) I've finished my contribution now and it will soon be safely home with Casey. I can't wait to see what you have gifted to me in my book :)

And thank you ALL for the enthusiasm and support you have given me and my Flying Pictures partners.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I too have loved watching these flying pages and linked often across to its own blog to see whats going on. Clever idea with extending the cover. Look forward to seeing your last entry.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

How did I manage to miss this one! I love Casey's fairy.

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