Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Casey's Book Flies Home

Detail of pen and wash watercolour sketch

Casey's Flying Pictures Sketchbook Local Colour is in the mail, on its way home to France.

This sketchbook exchange has been an extraordinary experience full of challenges and delights. Casey's is the last of the seven sketchbooks I have contributed to and now the creative part is over for me. When Casey tells me she has received her book I will post my final pages and then I will be bursting with anticipation for my book, Different Strokes to make its way home.

You can follow all the travelling sketchbooks on the Flying Pictures Blog.


Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed these exchanges between your group, Robyn! I am also loving our travelling books and checking the mailbox each day.

Safe to bet that 2009 will see more of these delights winging around the world.

Anonymous said...

This has Tuscany written all over it's beautiful, I love it. Hope to see the whole picture soon!

"JeanneG" said...

Very pretty. It will be like Christmas when you finally get your book back.

Joan Y said...

Wow, such a wonderful exchange! I can't wait to see the entire painting cuz this snippet is gorgeous!

Joan said...

Beautiful pot sitting by the bench. I can't wait to see the whole image!!

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