Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Palazzo Pretorio

I've joined the Fine Line Artists Van Gogh Project with the intention to study this wonderful artist during February, in an attempt to improve my work by drawing some inspiration in line, colour and composition from a master. Of course I've dashed right in with a charcoal sketch, when I really should be making a serious plan of attack and pondering exactly what is is that makes Van Gogh - Van Gogh. In a way, I think the answer is in the fact that I couldn't wait to get started when I saw, for the first time, his drawing The Weigh-House (Building in Eindhoven) posted by Casey Klahn as part of his Van Gogh project.

The charcoal sketch above (26cm x 20cm) is from a photo I took a couple of days ago when we were walking the dogs in the late afternoon sun. The big building is Palazzo Pretorio (1412), which has been modified since medieval times. It is currently our local library. The small church on the right is the Church of S. Angelo (12C) which is now the Municipal Art Gallery.

I think Van Gogh would have been attracted by the dramatic shadows and the interesting pattern of grass and paths. I've never sketched a landscape in charcoal before (hate getting my fingers dirty!) but I must say I'm really excited by the potential. I may come back to this picture a few times during the project, to see what I can make of it in pen and ink and possibly watercolour.


Casey Klahn said...

I had an immediate attachment to this drawing.
Of course, I love Italia, and the low winter sun brings me in.
I connected the Eindhoven bit, but that's because we've been talking about ti. Well, and it's got the same arrangement in some ways.
The "focal Point" aspects are good (you're a good photographer!)
I think the real reason is the passion. You brought it to the drawing, and it definitely comes across.
I notice that about the blue hat, and the morte flowers, too. You rock, as they say!

MrsSnowy said...

Thank you Casey. It's a long time since someone told me I rock! Nature set this one up for me. There picture was there for three days running, in this bright sunny winter weather we are having. On the third day I finally remembered to bring my camera! When it is a little warmer I will sketch this scene from life. Van Gogh is addictive isn't he?

Katherine said...

Robyn - nature may have set it up but you recognised it and that takes an artist's eye. Which is why it is so good to look at a lot of artist's work before starting a project - and in this case we begin to see the pay-off already!

I agree with Casey about the passion as well.

Maybe try his favourite for drawing which was pen and ink on top of pencil?

MrsSnowy said...

Thank you Katherine, your encouragement is really appreciated. I am now doing a pencil sketch which I will ink over. It's taking a while. I shouldn't have chosen arches! LOL.

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