Friday, February 02, 2007

My Life in a Cupboard

Great excitement this week when my studio furniture finally arrived from Ikea. It rather took the shine off things when I discovered it was in more than 100 bits - not counting knobs, screws and Allen Keys! HWEM did offer to help but I quickly pointed out that my father was a carpenter. Besides HWEM had already dealt with the two delivery men from Florence whose truck was too big to drive through the gate and up the narrow streets of our town. Fortunately our dear neighbour, Lorenzo, happened to be passing and came to the rescue with his Ape (a little three-wheeler 'truck' that is actually a motor scooter at heart) .

Neither of my 'heroes' looked in great shape after loading and unloading the boxes and carting them up two flights of stairs. It only took two days and a crushed finger for Carpenter's Daughter to get it all assembled! That which was once cupboard is now Studio. When my special studio light eventually arrives, I won't even miss the window!
If those cupboard doors look a little crooked it is because I was a little unhinged by the time I got the final bits in place.

I'm still sharing space with dog leads and Snowy's wardrobe of coats - but what is this blog called after all?

And in case I sound too deprived, I do still have my little table at the window overlooking the garden.
I'm actually the happiest cupboard dweller in all of Tuscany.


Casey Klahn said...

Congrats. I envy you your little space. It looks great, Robyn.
I am actually going to be writing a grant request for the money to hook up the electricity to my new studio. It will be huge, but right now it is a far off goal.
Because of my frustration with the lack of space to work, I gave up on my last art project for the near term. Maybe it's time to grab the pochade box and start painting outside for a while!
Best of luck.

MrsSnowy said...

Thanks Casey. I would be in trouble too, if I suddenly decided to make big paintings. Fingers crossed that you'll get your grant.

HWEM said...

HWEM here. You forgot to mention that you dragged me around the IKEA store for what felt like three weeks searching out the furniture.

MrsSnowy said...

And I have such fond memories of the day when he promised to 'love, honour and shop'.

mARTa said...

Once I tidy up I will post pictures of my work space as well. IKEA furnished of course!!! I love that place! My love promised to honor, obey and shop as well...and put together IDEA furniture!

Katherine said...

teeheehee - love that 'love, honour and shop' - got to go and tell a few girls that one!

Robyn - it's great to see where you work - I can now imagine you at your desk.

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