Sunday, December 10, 2006

Watercolour sketches

I bought my first Hyacinth bulb at our Friday market. Couldn't find a proper bulb vase for it so it's sitting over water in a crystal champagne glass - not quite what I imagined. A Victorian bulb vase would be so pretty to paint with its little narrow waist. I'll see if I can find one in Florence. Meantime I'm hoping to do a number of watercolour sketches as my little bulb blooms.

Also made a watercolour attempt at the fallen leaf. I'm drawing everything from life at present in the hope that something magical will happen just by doing the hard yards. There is a great temptation to work from a photograph because that would make seeing the values so much easier.

I was so inspired by Laura's (Laurelines) Radishes I rushed out and bought a bunch to paint. They are not bad for me but nothing like the delightful study that inspired me. GWK is now amusing himself by taking items out of the fridge and saying: 'It this for eating or painting?'


Laura said...

Mais, si! Your radishes are lovely!!As are all of these wc sketches! And the food in my fridge or in the fruit bowl are often models, it's true. I try to eat them as well, but sometimes they lose that first blush of youth in the process.

MrsSnowy said...

Thanks , Laura. I'm more than a bit embarrassed that you saw this. I did a better job than I thought I would with the roots but I would like to sign up for a foliage class please!

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