Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back in Time

Snowy and Dermott have just reminded me that this blog was supposed to be about their adventures in Tuscany. They have asked me to post their portrait with Santa.

At this time of year the people of CF don Biblical costume and the whole Centro Storico (old part of town) becomes Bethlehem. The usually sparsely inhabited streets are a teaming mass of pilgrims weaving their way past ancient artisans plying their trades and selling wine and hot flat bread. At the top of the hill under the tower there is a stable with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

This year the holy family was played by our local optometrist with his wife and newborn. Having taken about 50 photos in my journey up the hill, when I finally got to the stable the memory card in my camera was full. Of course I had forgotten my new glasses, provided by Joseph/Carlo, and couldn't see to delete a couple of photos! That's irony. The whole thing happens again in a week's time so hopefully I'll have my act together by then.


Laura said...

This all sounds and looks enchanting, Robyn (all except for the memory card and glasses part ;D.) Reading what you write makes me wonder if my husband and I will ever realize our dream of having a pied a terre in Paris. Anyway, happy new year to you and your husband and dogs!

MrsSnowy said...

Thank you Laura, it is enchanting but a pied a terre in Paris - that's what I call romantic! I don't think you need to wonder, I can already see you in Paris. Happy New Year to you and your family too.

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