Saturday, December 16, 2006


JC and I took the train to Florence on Thursday for a spot of shopping. That was pretty well abandoned when we realised what a beautiful day we had lucked upon. Almost too hot to sit in the sun! JC had a great time taking photos and we lunched outside in the Piazza Della Repubblica. Apart from grumpy waiters it was just about as perfect as lunch can be. When you strike a grumpy waiter here it is usually where there is a lot of tourist traffic. I bite my tongue because I think it must have taken a lot of obnoxious customers to make them this way.

I started a sketch but had to finish it at home from my photograph.

Next time I am determined to have a day dedicated to sketching. It's a crime to live so close to all this beauty and not to visit more often.

This stunning angle on the Palazzo Vecchio through the Uffizi was taken by Jean C.

My Hyacinth bulb is thriving in its champagne glass of water and about to burst into flower.


Katherine said...

I agree re the need for more sketching. Bring on the Firenze sketchbook!

Have you seen Turner's Florence sketchbook?

MrsSnowy said...

Katherine - Welcome. You are an honored guest here. Thank you for the Turner link. I hadn't seen that sketchbook before. It's a wonderful resource, I can see a whole day evaporating while I explore it.


Reading through slowly... and will leave it hear for today... you have inspired me to look around my world here...

You are so right to dedicate sketch time in such a place!

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