Saturday, December 02, 2006

On Days Like This...

No art today. I'm in bed nursing a cold so I've decided to use the time to post a few photos.
This is the main street where we have our apartment.

There seems to be a constant passing parade celebrating the town's medieval heritage: flag throwers, drummers, noblemen and women. We have a box seat from our living room window.

At present I am working at a tiny desk at the rear of our apartment which overlooks our garden and a very quiet but pretty back street.

This the view from my desk. Hence my current obsession with 'the tower'. This photo was taken on our first inspection of the apartment last spring. GWK fell in love with the unruly mess of a garden. He has since started clearing away years of neglect. In the coming spring he will get serious about vegetables. To date we've had a few late tomatoes and planted a pear and a cherry tree to join the existing fruit trees and grape vines.

The little foot bridge links the apartment to our garden.

Another first inspection day photo. I'm checking out the potential for a studio in the little brick building at the end of the terrace. It has windows on three sides. Since GWK's gardening paraphernalia has already found its way in there, plan B is to convert the storeroom inside the apartment into a studio. The electrician has ordered some studio lights to that end.

This is the gate leading from the tower which we pass through twice a day walking the dogs. Below is the main square.

Here, outside the little bar under the arches, we have breakfast every morning. It is getting a bit cold now and I don't think it will be long before we accept the owner's invitation to move inside. Dermott (our Old English Sheepdog) will have to be on his best behaviour.

The final two photos remind me why I love this place even at this time of year:

Olive picking with a rather damp Snowy keeping me company.

And snow outside the coffee bar at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh Italy! Do you want to do a swap?
Hope you are feeling better soon!

MrsSnowy said...

Anita - I'll swap if I get a handsome sheik to go with the desert sands. Heck, I must admit, I did read quite a few Mills & Boones at one stage LOL.

Laura said...

Your apartment looks so lovely and cozy, Robyn. No wonder you and your husband fell under its spell. It will be fun to see what you do with it and the garden this spring and summer.

MrsSnowy said...

Thanks Laura. The apartment looking cosy but we are having a few problems at present having installed heating throughout. We are now battling the mould that is feeding on the moisture coming out of the thick, old stone walls which have probably had nothing more than a wood fire in three hundred years! If bleach doesn't work I may have to kill myself LOL.


Hope that last comment went through... I am new to all this Blogging and computer stuff.

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