Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quince Woodcut

Woodcut 10.5 x 14cm

I bought some thin plywood as backing for lino blocks and couldn't resist trying a little woodcutting. Of course I didn't spend enough time working out the design. Couldn't wait to start cutting. I also think I may have ruined the sharpening job Rick did on my favourite linocut tools. Not sure how I'm going to tell him.

I did learn from this that it's easier to cut fine detail with the grain, rather than across it! I need to come up with a greater variety of marks. I need to keep a lookout for some nice pieces of timber. And finally, the most exciting discovery is that Baby Oil is a great alternative for cleaning up oil based inks. In future I'll not be using turps.


Anita said...

Robin - you need to set up a way to sell these prints - or maybe not as I will always be buying them!

Robyn said...

Anita - If you'd make me an elegant website like yours maybe I could sell some! ;)

Toni said...

Robyn I am so loving your little cut prints. Why don't you open an Etsy store!

Years ago I had the pleasure of hearing Barry Moser lecture. He was wonderful and you just might enjoy his woodcut prints.
also here

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Robyn - your appetite for this tells me you are made to be a print-maker!

Don't you need different tools if you cut wood? Do I need to make a trip to an art shop for you?


Anonymous said...

Robyn, don't sell yourself short! I would never be brave enough to try plywood, although I have scratched away at MDF.
And yes, baby oil is the best clean-up;even better than cheap cooking oil.
For others who may not know, this artist, Maria Arango, has a great tutorial on her site

Jeanette said...

The anticipation of creating a new piece always makes planning fly out the window. This is lovely and looks well planned. Are your tools for cutting wood different than the ones for cutting lino?

I just did another and its not worthy of sight. Too much enjoyment of the process and not enough planning. :(

And I agree. Start up a little Etsy shop or something similar and start selling. Who needs groceries? I want your prints!

Sydney Harper said...

Robyn I love your prints. These are very nice! I agree with everyone else. I think you need to sell these.

caseytoussaint said...

This is wonderful - such a bold design!

Robyn said...

Toni - Thank you - and for the links. Moser's work is incredible. I see he is a wood 'engraver' - I must check out the difference. I know copper plate engraving tools are quite different to cutting tools. He is certainly able to make the most astonishingly fine, controlled marks. I'm the axeman in the forest by comparison!

Katherine - You are a wicked woman sending me details of such tools! Tools, handmade to order, at goodness knows what price since it is obviously too much to list! And I want them all!!!!!

Seriously, it is very, very kind of you to offer to track down supplies for me. I will get back to you when I have robbed a bank.

Dinah - I'd never seen that Maria Rango website before. It is amazing! Thank you so much - I can see I'm going to spend weeks there going through every detail. Everyone else bitten by the linocut bug should check it out 1000woodcuts . Even though it is about woodcuts, so much is relevant to lino cutting and who knows, I could be spreading the Woodcut Virus!

Jeanette - Thank you. Maybe an Etsy shop would be fun - I just nervous about the process for some reason.

Sydney - Many thanks for your encouragement.

Casey - Hi! As you can see this is what I've been doing when I should be finishing my still life series. Glad you like it though.

Jennifer Lawson said...


I hadn't visited your blog since I arrived back in the USA. Wow, such wonderful work. I love your woodcuts. especially "Cat on a Tuscan Roof".

Robyn said...

Jennifer - thank you :)

Sharon said...

Wonderful composition, Robyn. (And thanks for your encouraging comment today!)

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