Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flying Pictures - Different Strokes

I've finally added the back cover to my Flying Pictures Sketchbook - Different Strokes and created a slideshow to present the completed book.

You can see the artist of each page by moving your cursor over the picture. It's a wonderful roll of talent:

Casey Toussaint - France
Nina Johansson - Sweden
Glen Heath - England
Vivien Blackburn - England
Ronell van Wyk - France
Lindsay Olson - USA

Thank you all for your gorgeous gift!

Thank you too all of you who've followed our travelling sketchbooks, offering encouragement through our creative angst and remedial chocolate. A sketchbook exchange is an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to all.

Slide shows of the other books and the story of the Flying Pictures exchange can be seen on the Flying Pictures Blog.


Anita said...

Robyn - I can't see the slideshow!

Robyn said...

Anita - While I was posting friends arrived to take me out for a surprise birthday lunch! HWEM was in trouble for organising it and not organising for me to at least have some makeup on!

I will now try to work out why SLIDE isn't working.

vivien said...

it was lovely to see this again and the work that went into it after it left me :>)

It was so much fun :>)

Robyn said...

Vivien - Thank goodness our blogs continue the friendship.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Robyn - you know how I enjoyed keeping up with your Flying Pictures and a reminder through this lovely slide show was a real New Year treat. Loved your opening bank of trees. Ive added myself as a fan.

Sharon said...

What a treasure! Thanks for posting it.

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