Monday, July 16, 2007

A sketch & An Exhibition

Water Hyacinth - watercolour sketch

I saw my first Water Hyacinth in Jean's garden the other day. At some point I will attempt to do it justice.

We finally got to Cortona today to see the exhibition of three artist friends which is part of Le Notte dell'Archelogia at the beautiful Palazzo Casali.

The artists - Sarah Miatt, Peter Barrett and ceramista, Edi Magi all draw on the ancient Etruscan influence in this beautiful area. I didn't like to take any photos because I couldn't have shown the work in its best light but I've linked to Sarah and Edi's websites.

The exhibition closes on July 18 - probably too late for most of you to fly in but anyone lucky enough to be around Cortona in the next couple of days will find it well worth a look.


caseytoussaint said...

These are lovely, Robyn - I'm looking forward to seeing the photograph. Thanks for the links, too. Sarah Miatt's work in particular is wonderful!

Africantapestry said...

You have been a busy Italaian mama, Robyn! With all the fruit preserving and dinners and oil paintings and eating your subjects....wonderful life!
Good to be back and seeing your work. I loved those peaches and think it is a great oil and I agree with everybody; trying your hand at more than one medium just opens up your perspective, and stimulates your creativity.
Will be visiting frequently from now on again...missed your lively blog..

Joan said...

How I wish I could fly in to see the show in Cortona. I guess I'll just have to be happy seeing the show here on your blog. Lovely job on the water Hyacinth. I really like the colors.

Katherine said...

Nice to see you blogging regularly again.

I'm not sure I know what a water hyacinth is - you now have me intrigued.

martha said...


Karen Cole said...

Lovely painting.

How I wish I could catch that exhibit. Perhaps you could recommend some for the end of September.

Robyn said...

Casey - thank you. I thought you'd like Sarah's work.

Ronell - Thank you. I am a bit of a grasshopper the way I jump from one medium after another. I think my friend was suggesting it would be to my advantage to focus for a bit. But I'm hopeless, I went out and bought Inktense pencils!

Joan - many thanks. I'm sorry you couldn't make it to Cortona too. Far too hot to be wandering around there at the moment though.

Katherine - That lovely water hyacinth can be deadly in tropical waterways. The one here is contained in a marble tub.

Marta - TY :)

Robyn said...

Karen - thanks. I'm sure Sarah could be persuaded to show you her paintings.

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