Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watercolour Sketch - Val di Chio

Watercolour Val di Chio, Tuscany - 8am

A quick watercolour sketch made on my morning walk. It was Walk 29 this morning but my unpaid personal trainer, Cath has taken off to the seaside so I took my sketching stool, waterbrush and a small tin of paints along instead.

I've joined Sketchercise - an inspiring group of people who like to walk and sketch, started by Katherine Tyrrell of Making a Mark. I suggest you read Katherine's blog about it here. Quite a lot of friends have joined up already.

Oh, and I've also joined Twitter - is there no end to my foolish enthusiasm?!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

See - I picked up your Twitter and I'm first here to comment! :)

That's a great watercolour Robyn - I love the zones

I think all it needs is.....a frame! :)

caseytoussaint said...

I quite like this, Robyn - beautiful early morning colors. I saw that you were foloowing me on Twitter - I guess tythat I should tweet once in a while. I think its been about 6 weeks! I just don't have much to say these days - but I'll go over and see about following you and Katherine.

Joan said...

Robyn - Sketchercise sounds like an interesting idea. This is gorgeous!!! What size is it? I love how your simplified the scene so nicely. Good colors and light in this! Sketching early in the morning is a nice idea.

As for my initial post on Twitter, I haven't posted again. My husband encouraged me to try it, but I still don't really get the

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Robyn - you lucky lucky lady living in Tuscany. Having just got back from Lake Garda and visits to Venice and Dolomites, I say that a hundredfold. No wonder you decided to stay. Sounds like you are having a great time with visitors and trips. Lucky you to find that exhibition in Rome - like the inspired fish painting.
I know how difficult the passionflower can be to paint having studied them a few times in my garden.
Enjoyed catching up on your posts.

Anonymous said...

Robyn, I just saw your psychedelic pig on Facebook (via Roz' blog)and laughed aloud! Remember that zebra? Well, it's currently being "coloured" similarly!Sorry!

Lindsay said...

I'm impresseed that you can Twitter@!
Great project and so glad we can do some joint project together again.

Anonymous said...

A great watercolour robyn! Love your choices of colour.

mARTa said...

What a beautiful watercolor! Oh I can't wait to get going on my sketchercising also! I will be tweeting/facebooking and blogging my road sketches starting next weekend. I don't think I can join the group as I haven't 'proven' myself yet. But hoping I get approved for the flicker group at least.

I was forced into twitter by my son, but now I really like it. ciao amica.

Lindsay said...

Really lovely mood here!

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