Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketching Trees

Pencil in cheap sketch book ( that's why you can see the ghost of Raspberries).

Expect to see a few trees here in the coming weeks. I've joined Vivien Blackburn's Tree Challenge on her blog, Painting, Prints & Stuff.

The Tree Challenge fits in rather nicely with my other current obsession, Sketchercise. I'm walking six mornings per week - about 4km. Still haven't worked out how to post the Sketchercise badge on my blog though - so I'm fit but stupid!

The quick sketch of the tree above (must ask Jean what it's called) is beside the pool where I did my first laps of the season (after walking 4km, so I'm extremely stupid!). Too exhausted to move I turned around and sketched another tree (must ask Jean what that's called too).

Lamy pen in cheap sketchbook

Lime trees - painted on my walk a couple of days ago.

I'm using a beautiful sketchbook made for me by Marta for these little watercolour sketches. Gorgeous HP watercolour paper. Thanks Marta!


Anonymous said...

Love your graphic trees, you ARE going to be fit(maybe already!!) I can see you have a lot of energy - up ladders in the cherry trees, in the kitchen making clafoutis(keep the seeds in for they give flavour) and conserve...are you for hire?

Robyn said...

Ronell - HWEM wanted the pits out of the cherries - so who am I to argue? Still tasted excellent. His only complaint was that I only made enough for two! No seconds.

I have great energy in the mornings and as a result am pooped after lunch, to the extent I take a little nap and that's why little painting is being achieved. Am available at any time to provide enthusiasm in kitchen but would probably end up sitting at the end of the table with a glass of wine while you did all the work ;)

vivien said...

well there's a great start!

I'm glad you are doing this :>) and have yet to fit in the exercise bit of sketchercise!

clafoutis ...... mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Aw, heck! I thought swimming 2kms at least 3 days a week was good...
But I am currently doing a few tree things myself so when I read Vivien's challenge...why not!

wv is phiness.I hope that's prophetic!

Lindsay said...

great start on your trees project! I'm doing it too!

Robyn said...

Vivien - It's a very worthwhile challenge, going to be very popular I suspect.
Imagine how much further I have to walk to pay off that Clafoutis!

Dinah - Looking forward to your trees - I should be able to name yours. I'm very ignorant about the trees around here.

Lindsay - Thanks. Nice to be sharing another project with you.

Pat said...

Your tree sketches a lyrical.

Robyn said...

Pat - You've made me smile. Thank you. I love your blog and hope to learn something from it to bring to my own landscapes.

jansen said...

your such a great artist :) i just love the way you sketch :) keep it up :)

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