Friday, May 01, 2009

Sketching Weather

View from my desk

Finally we have sketching weather!

Moleskine watercolour sketchbook

Cheap Moleskine copy

These cheap bo0ks are available at the supermarket, and while the paper is the same colour as the Moleskine sketchbook it is very thin and dulls down the watercolour. Its major advantage is that I sketch in it with great freedom because it isn't a 'good' sketchbook.

Both sketches were done en plein air with watercolours, Lamy fountain pen & water brush. I really will attempt something more ambitious soon but at least I'm getting out there at last.


Sydney Harper said...

Nice sketches! I can so identify with the cheap book syndrome. I use my cheap sketchbooks much more readily than my moleskine.

Quase Blog da Li said...

suas aquarelas estão ótimas! É bom sair e desenhar e aquarelar sem muito compromisso; deixá nos mais livres. E que bela vista voce possui!
(Sorry to use the google translation: Portuguese / English)

his watercolors are great! Good drawing and watercolor and leave without much compromise, leaving us more free. And that beautiful view you have!

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm jealous of that view! :D

really nice light looking sketches :) remind me a lot of a spring day

Lin said...


Yes, it's getting time to chat. I leave 5/13 -- not too long from now!!! And can't wait. Work has been immensely insane and so busy I haven't have a moment to daydream .... Shall we meet in Tuscany somewhere or Venice? (Oh, doesn't that sound like a line from a movie???? LOL)

Stacy said...

Robyn, your view is lovely and only serves to further romantisize my view of where you live. I am glad you found the Moleskine-like sketchbooks because your sketches need to be shared with the world. They are so lovely! And I predict that once you have a beautiful completed book, you won't fear any sketchbook ever again!!! :)

Joan said...

Robyn - These are lovely sketches...I think I hear Italy calling me. Funny how a "cheap" journal gives us a different feeling and we don't hesitate to use it. I hope your good weather continues and you get in a lot of plein airs.

Mary said...

I can see your sketchbooks are treasures with your wonderful sketches. I hope that after my live figure classes I will finally learn to sketch.

That view from your desk must be an eye treat every time you look out there.

Sherrie Y said...

Suddenly we all want to come visit, Robyn! Stacks of small books await!

Anonymous said...

What a view! That must lift your spirits every time you catch a glimpse.

Anita said...

I love your watercolour sketches and am totally envious of your view from your desk!
I must make a little watercolour sketch kit to take around with me.

Robyn said...

Sydney - Thanks. I should conduct a survey to see who else suffers from Cheap Sketchbook Syndrome.

Li - Thank you :)

Robyn said...

Turns out sketching weather is also gardening weather so apologies for being so slow to respond to all your lovely comments.

Jennifer - Thank you. It was a beautiful spring day.

Lin - See you in Orvieto :) It's one of my favourite towns in Umbria.

Stacy - I jump from one sketchbook to another and have never managed to finish a single one! By the way my romantic life still includes washing, ironing, washing up, bills, weeds..... but then I look around and have to pinch myself that we are here.

Joan - Thank you, I can hear Italy calling you too.

Mary - you draw beautifully so I guess you mean you want to draw faster. I look forward to you being able to get back to your figure class and sharing your sketches.

Sherrie - Small books, big books - bring 'em all ;)

Anita - Thank you - I will post some photos of my various sketch kits at some point. Of course to date I've spent more time making sketch kits than actually using them! The latest paintbox is a tiny tic tac tin.

Did I mention I didn't finish the weeding?

Robyn said...

Cath - sorry I missed you. The view does lift my spirits - almost as much as the waterview I once had in Sydney. I do miss the water.

Anonymous said...

I have cheap book syndrome. My current sketchbook is a handmade one (by me) with Stonehenge paper, and it inhibits me. I've made myself a whole lot of nice sketchbooks with BFK Rives, Stonehenge and WC paper. I think I'm better off with the $5 spiral bound ones.

Robyn said...

Wendy - I read Roz' post and tomorrow I'm going to turn over a new leaf - an expensive leaf!

Wish I could buy BFK Rives paper here. I'm sure someone has it. I need the printmaking paper for my white line woodcuts.

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