Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Borage Watercolour

Watercolour 6" x 4"

I found a beautiful prickly blue plant on my morning walk and had to ask Jean to identify it. Now I know it's Borage and can be eaten and drunk with great benefits to one's health. This little piece is still happily flowering in a vase on my desk after three days. I'm going to see if I can relocate some to our garden.

Instead of doing so many small paintings in my sketchbooks, I'm now experimenting with postcard size pieces of watercolour paper. The better ones can then be framed, posted, sold or given away without destroying a sketchbook. The bad ones also won't destroy a sketchbook! It's a lovely format. Trouble is I mistook a piece of printmaking paper for HP watercolour paper so it was too absorbant and the watercolour (above) doesn't have it's usual sparkle. What I'd really love is some Arches HP paper which I can't find here.

Since the good weather has arrived, instead of staying in bed with my laptop, I'm now out the door at 7.30am and totally enchanted by these beautiful mornings in the Tuscan countryside.

Poppies in the Olive Groves

La Collegiata


Anonymous said...

WOW how lucky you are to live in such a gorgeous place...no wonder you often feel so inspired...Jil

Mary said...

Lovely rendering of such a pretty plant, Robin. If I had a choice to lice somewhere it would be in your area, I love Italy.

Anita said...

And the best place for borage is in a glass of Pimms with a slice of cucumber!

You really do live in the most idyllic area - no excuse for not doing lots of plein aire!!! :-)

caseytoussaint said...

Your watercolor looks beautiful on my monitor, Robyn! I think you should have it printed up as postcards.
I'm really enjoying the photos/paintings of Italy in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is known as "the good life."
Anita makes a fair point about borage! The leaves, chopped into mashed potato, give a subtle cucumber flavour. And it's just about the easiest thing from seed, even to the point of becoming a bit of a nuisance (not to me!)You can also candy the flowers for cake decoration.

Joan said...

Beautiful job on the flower you found!!! Love the photos of your area too! I do a lot of paintings on 4 x 6 postcards. I think the same way...they can be given away and framed if you want.

Merle Plagge said...

Your choice of doing sketches on w/c cards is very wise. I use these regularly as faces for cards, and also since I do my own mat cutting, I have lots of 8x10" pieces left over which I use to mat these cards, and back them with another piece of mat board--send these to the special people who collect my cards for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Great painting of the borage. I really like the nice touch of the line around the painting, which sort of frames it. Love your blog.

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous botanical piece of borage Robyn. A lovely little plant with many uses.

And the glimpse through your eyes into the Tuscan countryside is beautiful.

Robyn said...

Jean mentioned Pimms as well! I avoid it because HWEM will often attempt to win an argument by saying 'Have another Pimms, Dear!"

Jil - Thanks. If only I worked as often as I am inspired ;)

Mary - Thank you. From the photos I've seen of Mexico I think it would give Tuscany a run for its money.

Anita - I'll buy a bottle of Pimms when you come back to Italy.

Casey - Thanks. How I wish I was painting big pictures like you.

Dinah - It is the good life. Would you care for another Pimms? ;)

Joan - Thank you. Maybe we can swap a postcard painting one day.

Merle -many thanks for your comment. I am envious of your supply of mat card. I can't buy it here. :(

Jeanette - I will try for a more botanically accurate picture of borage when I can track down some better paper. Glad you enjoye the photos. I'm looking forward the your Spring images too.

Robyn said...

Jeanette - All those typos have nothing to do with Pimms!:) I meant to say: Glad you enjoyed the photos. I'm looking forward to your Spring images too.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

fabulous photos - I really should have made better plans about coming to visit in May...........

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