Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prawns After Ando Hiroshige

Watercolour after Ando Hiroshige woodblock print - 18.5 x 14.5 cm

Way too many distractions in my life at present, so art suffers. I've managed to move on to the second page of my folded sketchbook (see previous post). This is just a detail from a larger print by Hiroshige.

Anyone who is inspired to see what a study of Japanese art and artists can do for their own work will be greatly assisted by visiting Katherine Tyrrell's blog Making a Mark. I certainly would enjoy some company on this project. Katherine has conveniently gathered all her posts about Japanese Art in one place here. Thank you Katherine!


Valentino said...

bellissimi disegni

Lin said...

These are FABULOUS, Robyn!! The brilliant colors and fine lines are just perfect!!!

I can so empathize with the busy-ness -- hope it slows down for you too!

Anonymous said...

Love these! As I look at them I realize that I am very attracted to the Japanese style of drawing/painting with objects and not really their trees and mountains and landscapes. This just follows through from my own work so far.

Joan said...

Colorful watercolor of the prawns. It would look perfect as part of a cookbook page...a scampi recipe maybe? Nice job, Robyn.

Laura said...

OMG, this is so weird to day, but these remind me of the shrimp I did for my sea and water life sketchbook! I guess when you use a bamboo pen and you're drawing and painting something as calligraphic as shrimp (with their long antennae), you end up making Japanese-looking art! I'll have to go check out the original. Thank you for a wonderful post and for sharing your lovely sketch, too.

Jeanette said...

Lovely sketch Robyn. I haven't really studied the Japanese art movement but should and perhaps dabble a little too.

Your sketchbook concept is wonderful. You always inspire me. Thank you.

Wendy said...

I agree that it really has that Japanese look to it. I love the colours. I am also distracted (from art) at the moment.

Neil Toulch said...

Always fascinated by Hiroshige and your painting is so vividly striking.
I am grateful for the inspiration.

Debra Kay said...

I love the prawns! Intricate and simple both at once.

Quilt Knit said...

These blocks remind me of
Walter Anderson who lived and worked on the Coast of Mississippi. Everyone was very startled by the first showing of his work. His prints where done with surplus military lineolium, gray battleship.
Thought you would like to see them. Walter's crabs would go well with your Hiroshige- Prawns.
Beautiful work. Walter was well educated in art - studied in Paris.

juj said...

oh you KNow these have captured my heart!!! I love, love, LOVE them!!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thanks for the reference Robin - I must say your work is going from strength to strength.

I really like it when people pull details out of paintings and make them their own.

Robyn said...

This blogger has taken to bed with a cold, after having boasted just recently that I couldn't remember when I last had a cold :(

Anyway, as I can't paint, it's a great opportunity to respond to all your kind comments and hopefully finish making my visits to your blogs.

Valentino - Grazie mille!

Lin - Thank you :) I look forward to catching up with all the beautiful watercolours you will have posted while I was finishing just one!

Shirley - Thank you. I still haven't managed to recycle a book yet, but look forward to seeing why you have put in yours.

Joan - Thanks. Maybe I can encourage HWEM to write a cookbook which I can illustrate.

Laura - Bless you. As I said in my email, I consider shrimp to be your signature and I think yours would be much admired by the Japanese Masters.

Jeanette - I can't tell you how tickled I'm am to think I could inspire you! :)

Wendy - Thank you. I paint 'em, you get to eat 'em! ;)

Neil - Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.

Debra Kay - Thank you to another dog lover.

Sherrie - Many thanks for that link. I look forward to exploring it.

juj - Wow, that's a wonderful response. Very sweet indeed. Anyone who hasn't already, should check out Judi's last couple of posts. Wonderful!

Katherine - I thank you daily for where you take me through Making a Mark. Now I'm looking forward to your next Japanese post.

caseytoussaint said...

Oh! This is beautiful! Brilliant, Robyn - painting from these works will add something unique to your particular style, which I already admire.

mARTa said...

You never cease to amaze me! I thought the first one was fabulous.....and now this one....well, brava!!!! Fine drawing skills and painting too!!! I am enjoying this exploration you are doing!

Quilt Knit said...

Robin: Please take care of yourself. I hope it is just a Cold. Pamper yourself.
When you feel
((( Circle of Healing Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I am in love with these latest works from you Robyn, you have really given it your signature! this one is as beautiful as the previous ones. I hope we'll get to see more! Love it!

Liz P said...

Robyn, these are just so... I don't know... fresh! One thing that's always attracted me about this style is how it marries crispness and softness. Do you know what I mean?

Hope you are feeling much better, but if not, I hope you are sleeping!

Robyn said...

Casey - I love it when you suggest I might have a personal style because I can never see it! Thank you :)

Marta - Thank you for taking the time to visit and encourage when you are obviously very busy with your own art education.

Sherrie - Thank you, I think I'm on the mend.

Ronell - More on the way, and thank you so much for loving it. Signature? What signature? I don't even have the courage to sign most of what I do ;)

Liz - Many thanks, it's what attracts me to most of the Japanese prints - their freshness after all these years. I'd love to have seen how they actually achieved the graduation of tone.

Anonymous said...

I love your paintings of the Fish after Hiroshige. I tried finding info on Making your Mark about this Japanese project, but failed. Is there a format to this project or did you you just choose to paint what interested you personally? I did check out the Hiroshige's prints of the fishes and thought they were wonderful. I thought I might want to try my hand at them, myself. I am very interested in Japanese art and as a docent at the Asian Art Museum, I am currently doing tours of the "Drama and Desire" exhibit of Japanese paintings of the Floating World. These paintings by some of Japan's famous artists, such as Hokusei, preceded the Ukiyo-e prints. I enjoy your art work very much and have watched how wonderfully you have progressed. Your Boticelli, Primavera is fantastic.

Robyn said...

ANONYMOUS - Such a great comment, to think that I might be able to help someone else. I followed all Katherine's links from her Japanese project on Making a Mark and lucked upon Hiroshige's Grand Series of Fishes.
I suggest if you want to follow up all Katherine's links you check out her Squidoo Group - Japanese Art & Artists -
it has all the wonderful links she has gathered together. I thank her daily :)

Please email me and let me know how you get on.

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