Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Contender

Dermott & his little friend Bella

Katherine Tyrrell of Marking a Mark has posted the first part of her Making a Mark Blogging Art Awards for 2007.

Dermott is extremely chuffed to discover he was a Contender for 'The Moose' - Best Animal in an Illustrated Blog Award. He was less chuffed when he discovered The Moose had been awarded to a cat! He's left it to me to congratulate Gayle Mason Fur in the Paint on her wonderful 'Out of Sight'.

As Katherine points out Dermott learned to type this year and started his own blog I Am Dog, Hear Me Snore. Had he won 'The Moose' I'm sure there would have been a stewards' inquiry, due to the fact that he has recently been flirting outrageously with Katherine.


Dermott said...

I wuz robbed! I slagged off Cosmo and paid the price!

Anyways, I look forward to meeting this winning cat in a dark alley with a house brick in both oversized paws!

Joan said...

My sympathies to Dermott. How can he be overlooked after learning to type???? Not fair!!!

Dermott said...

I'm with you, Joan!

Anyways, I gather that the winning cat isn't a real cat at all. It's a drawing!


I look forward to meeting this winning drawing of a cat in a dark alley with an eraser in each of my oversized paws!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! Sorry for the oscar going to is always like that with these things, the real winner gets zip! there is always next year....

Dermott said...

Yeah, Ronell, I'm the Martin Scorsese of Blog Oscars.

Still, he triumphed in the end.

So shall I.

Dermott said...

Katherine has graciously and generously righted the wrong.

I henceforth shall not hear a word against Cosmo.

mARTa said...

As for the Oscar; I've held one in my hands, weighs about 4 would crush the cat. My vote (if there was one) would have been for you!

Please convey to the humans in your home that I wish them a happy and prosperous new year! Tell Robyn that one of the highlights of this past year was the afternoon spent with her in Florence. May her artistic spirit continue to soar above the tuscan hills and fill us with awe and wonder at the beauty that is her everyday.

Nuovo Anno Felice!

laureline said...

Happy new year, Robyn! And the same to HWEM and the furry children.

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