Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas To Do List

Anticipation - Snowy and Dermott waiting for Santa

I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping - and certain people in this house are getting anxious. Dermott has already peeked into the bottom of the wardrobe and he isn't impressed!

The other important thing I have yet to do is get my nomination in for Best Blogger's Painting of 2007!

Katherine Tyrrell of Making a Mark is offering a PRIZE.

She is asking us to identify and nominate a candidate for the best drawing or painting we've seen on an art or illustrated blog in 2007. THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS 21 DECEMBER!! So don't add it to your Christmas To Do list - get over there NOW and vote to make a fellow art blogger know just how much their work has been appreciated this year.


Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn

Tell Dermott that the aqua green ribbon suits him!
(That was from Cosmo! He's out from behind the sofa....and strutting about muttering about how he's far too butch to wear ribbons in his hair!)

Dermott said...

Yeah yeah, Katherine, it's green reflecting my envy of Cosmo's nomenclature.


In the meantime, get thee back behind the sofa, Satan.

juj said...

Tooooo cute!! Merry Christmas Robyn, and best wishes for a very happy new year!

Joan said...

Snowy and Dermott look definitely ready for Santa! I'm so bad about remembering blogs if I don't have them listed in my favorites.It would make it difficult to nominate anyone. My sister and I were discussing people's blogs and Katherine's came up in conversation. It's funny how we often come back to some of the same people...I guess it's that "6 degrees of separation."

Felicity said...

Robyn, thank you SO much for your nomination - what a lovely shock/surprise! :)

You have two lovely subjects right here - such gorgeous dogs!

laureline said...

Robyn, you and I have been similarly remiss in our shopping duties! I made a good start this morning, PLUS I nominated two of my favorite blogged pieces, so now I can let inertia overtake me again! ;D I'm not very used to being relatively inert, but it feels great for a change.

Quilt Knit said...

Well, I am sorry!, about nominations. I missed the whole affair. I am still putting me together for a bang up 2008. I made a vow this is the last time I let my boring job, rob me of my Real Life. It was tempting but I survived the urge to work the 65 hours plus full day on Saturday. They used to rely on - Smuck Me.
I got rid of Her, permanently.
I love that the Ribbon Dermott and Snowy is so cute.
Wish I could pop over and give them both big Rolling Fur Hugs. Of course, Ms Patches is alerting me - no more oggling at the Doggies. She does not like sharing. I know they are going to have a great Christmas.

((( Circle of Christmas Hugs )))


Robyn said...

Felilcity - You deserved it! And I am thrilled to see you made the finals.

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