Thursday, October 20, 2005

What have I been doing?!!!!

Can't believe it is more than two months since I last posted on my Blog. I could say we've had heaps of visitors - but Margaret was the first and she didn't arrive until September 11 - so it must be the painting. Discovered a website called Wet Canvas and have been attending what amounts to cyber art school ever since. It's a bit of an obsession.

First there were the acrylic still lifes

Then the watercolour vegetables:

Soon the quince trees in Jean's orchard were groaning with fruit.

She started making jelly - I kept painting

Then I moved on to dogs. Snowy's friend Lamu was first:

Then Lexie
Then cats:

What's Graeme been doing all this time - well that's another story.


Seva Alieva said...
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franalaxander3737 said...
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Nan said...

Your Wet Canvas classes are serving you well. Your watercolors are wonderful! Love the pumpkins especially! Thanks for your kind comments about my glass bottles! I really struggled with that painting! How does it feel to be on the Northern Half of the earth now?


Have read through up till here!

Your watercolour work is gorgeous!

What a lucky girl you are to have all that subject matter about.

An artists dream!

Will continue later.


Oh I forgot... Wetcanvas is addictive...

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