Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sketches in Spain

Watercolour postcard - Alcazaba, Alhambra

In September we were very fortunate to have three days in Granada, Spain with dear friends from Sydney. I took the opportunity to climb up on to the roof of their holiday house to paint a postcard for Alison S, who was next on my list in the A Postcard from My Walk exchange.

Granada is a stunning little city blessed with beautiful scenery, wonderful weather, great food and the fantastic historical Alhambra palaces. Of course three days and only one visit to the Alhambra was not nearly enough! Anyone planning a trip to Granada, make sure you book tickets for the Alhambra well ahead of your visit. We only scraped in at 7pm on our last day.

The city has the best bus system in the world. Sydney take note. See the M.C. Escher Sky & Water print on the back of the bus. He was inspired by the fantastic Moorish art of the Alhambra, particularly the patterns of tiles. I almost wept when I saw how much there was to see and how impossible, in the time available, to absorb even a fraction of it.

I didn't attempt any sketches of the Alhambra apart from the postcard for Alison but I know it will be a powerful influence on my future paintings and prints.

Meantime I did manage another couple of quick sketches.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for sharing your Spanish trip with us. Love both the sketches and the photos and appreciated info on the Alhambra and Granada. Don't those words conjure up fantastic feelings. I simply most go some day.

Ann's Art said...

What a wonderful trip you have had. I would have adored to have seen Alhambra - and what complicated tiles and patterns, a lot to absorb...gorgeous, so glad you have shared this in a post.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

OK - I can contemplate a holiday in Granada and help you see some more!

Actually Seville is good too and quite easy to get around. However I would like to see the Alhambra.

That holiday house has a fabulous view!

vivien said...

lovely sketches and photos - and I'd love to visit the Alhambra too - but a long day with much sketching :>)

Robyn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Joan. I didn't take a huge number of photos myself but gave the camera to HWEM when we entered the Alhambra palaces because I just needed to look and look. I hope you get to look one day too.

Thank you, Ann. I just enjoyed that terrific watercolour of your William on your blog.

Katherine - You'd have to fly. It's a jolly long drive down the the south of Spain, but not to be missed. The holiday house was beautifully located with the buses at the corner, made getting around so easy. I can tell you how sad I was walking away from the Alhambra that last night not knowing if or when I'd be able to get back.

Vivien - Thank you too. You have the right idea, one needs to book a tour first thing in the morning and then you are able to hang around all day. The gardens are fantastic. I might do another post about it all.

Bridget Hunter said...

Glad I came to see your other sketches and photos. Thay make your postcard even more interesting.

margaret kirkwood said...

Hello from Sydney - hopefully there will be someone from Transport checking your Blog for ideas re bus transport in Sydney!!!
Loved all the sketches you have done - beautiful renditions of fab city. Looking forward to see the teapot! and the tiles! so much inspiration.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Bridget - Thanks. I'm really ashamed of myself that I didn't do more sketching there.

Margi - Will email you a preliminary teapot attempt. It's going into my next painting. :)

Ruca said...

Robyn, thanks for taking us along via your lovely sketches and the photos as well. It certainly does get the creative salivary glands working overtime.

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