Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Irises Woodcut Print

Irises woodcut print 15 x 24cms

Since our irises aren't out yet, I used a couple of my photos from last spring and a watercolour sketch as references to draw these irises. Next I plan to hand colour one of the prints.


Rose Welty said...


This is lovely. I love how you've done the background leaves...Will be even nicer in colour!

You and Jeanette make this all look so easy...although I'm sure it's not! :D

Anita said...

This is really nice. An art deco feeling somehow. Very surprised that your irises aren't out yet. I remember seeing irises in the first week of February in Rome.

Joan said...

Robyn - This is gorgeous as it is, so I'm sure it will look exquisite when you add color to it. I love irises and you did these so nicely!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing beautiful printing work Robyn!! I love your geese a while back too. It seems you have found your niche and are truly "having a ball"! It is good to hear your contentment.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I really like this - the simplicity of the design but so evident of a love of flower shapes. Great composition and feeling of life.

Robyn said...

Rose - It is easier than I imagined. It is also addictive, I fear I'm going to wake up one day buried under an enormous mountain of relief prints.

Anita - I'm glad you get the art deco influence, it's what I was looking for. Irises popping up everywhere here but no flowers yet. I remember once in Sydney buying a bunch to paint, leaving them in a hot room and finding them half an hour later, all dead. So I never got to paint one until we came to Tuscany and now I get them for nothing and they never cease to delight me. Can't bring myself to cut them though.

Joan - Thank you. The colour is an experiment, I like them as they are too.

Ronell - Thank you and it's so lovely to have you visit.

Joan S-C - Lovely comment, thank you so much.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow! I 'get' the Art Nouveau althought they remind me of some of the Japanese woodcuts as well

You have very definitely found your niche. :)

Keep them coming and then you can start thinking about your first exhibition!

Jeanette said...

Very very nice Robyn. I like this one a lot. The coloured version will be fabulous. What medium are yo going to use to colour it?

And yes, I can attest to the fact that it can become addictive she says, her studio awash with fishy prints in various stages... :)

Irises here will not show bloom til July, but then in the bogland near the house there are blue flag irises as far as the eye can see, hundreds and hundreds of them all placed perfectly by nature.

Jennifer Rose said...

wonderful irises :) I really like how you have have carved out the inside of the flower instead of carving out the outline. It does really remind me as well of art deco.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me this is the one you almost binned after seeing that Newling website Alison mentioned?

Anita's right about the Art Deco, too.

Robyn said...

Katherine - Many thanks, I'm glad the Japanese influence shows as well. I think the exhibition could be a way off yet though.

Jeanette - Thank you. I'm going to try colouring these prints both with gouache and watercolour and maybe even watercolour pastels.

I'd love to see your display of flag irises - I do hope you will photograph and paint them when they appear.

Jennifer - Thank you too :)

Michelle Himes said...

Hi Robin, I got the link to your blog from my sister, Joan. I love printmaking (and flowers), and had to comment on your iris print. Of course, I love the versions that you added watercolor and/or gouache to, but it's the original block print that impressed me. Nice work!!!!

Robyn said...

Michelle - Thank you so much for commenting. In my heart I too always love the simplicity of the straight mono block relief print. Thanks :)

Your botanical watercolours are beautiful, I've bookmarked your blog to enjoy more of them. Painting sisters. That's must be nice.

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